red aluminium joinery needs to be repainted

Getting a house ready to sell can be a tricky time. There are many things to consider. What tasks are on the must list, and what can be left for the new owners to handle. Obviously it is the ‘looks’ that bring those buyers in and even though these tasks can be seemingly superficial these details can get those buyers through the door.

When selling, the exterior generally needs a good tidy-up and often aluminium joinery that still works fine looks weathered, especially from the outside. However, you don’t need to replace the joinery, even if bare metal is showing. Instead a cost effective solution is to repaint.

Also, time is not always our friend. We all lead busy lives, and even though DIY is a nice idea, it isn’t always practical. So while you are busy with all the other aspects of putting your property on the market, getting a professional to make all the details look ship-shape is a useful decision.

Systemex provides a professional cost effective solution when you need your home, investment property or commercial building to look its best. We cover all of New Zealand and can provide a quick estimation of costs. All the work we do is completed quickly and without fuss, letting you get on with other important tasks. We specialise in repainting aluminium windows, doors and joinery so you know you will be in good hands. There’s nothing like a lick of fresh paint to draw those buyers in and sell a property.