Aluminium window frames are being prepared for painting

Yes, you can paint aluminium windows.

But here’s why it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

A common question homeowners ask about restoring their faded aluminium joinery is “can we repaint our windows instead of replacing them?”

The good news is yes, you can.

What’s more, the price to repaint aluminium windows is around a third of the cost of replacing, so it’s a much more affordable option, and the outcome is virtually identical.

To get the best result, however, it is recommended that you have the job done professionally by an aluminium painting specialist.

That way you avoid any pitfalls in not preparing the surface properly, using poor quality primer and paints which result in the joinery looking worse than when you started, getting paint onto surrounds and potentially damaging the joinery itself.

Systemex has been repainting aluminum windows and doors all over New Zealand for over thirty years. They use a proven, patented process that will leave your joinery looking as good as the day it was first installed.

Industrial-grade paint keeps your windows looking great for years.

Systemex repaint your windows and doors using a high-quality paint imported from Europe. It’s the same paint that has been used in the automative and aviation industries for over 100 years, so can easily withstand the elements with very little maintenance.

Careful preparation ensures a great finish that will last

Since starting business in 1994, Systemex has developed a meticulous process to ensure repainted windows and doors look great and remain that way for years.

Careful preparation is a key part of that process.

The Systemex process is broken down into three stages:

1. Cleaning the joinery.

The team thoroughly clean the window frames to ensure the paint adheres to the surface.

Cleaning aluminium joinery to prep for painting

2. Protecting surrounding surfaces.

Glazing, surrounds and nearby surfaces are carefully masked, covered and protected from any chance of overspray. Where possible, Systemex also removes any hinges, catches, window sashes and doors.

Aluminium window frames are being prepared for painting

3. Joinery is sanded for good paint adhesion.

The window joinery is then carefully sanded by hand to ensure good adhesion of the new paint. Compressed air is used to blow away any grit and then the joinery is cleaned again with a special cleaning agent to remove any surface contamination.

Sanding aluminium windows to prep for painting.

While the three stages are typical of every job, different surfaces do require different amounts of preparation.

Old powder coated aluminium windows, for example, tend to have chalky paint, and need more preparation than a new powder coated surface. Anodised aluminium windows need a lot more preparation no matter what condition they’re in because of the amount of work involved in keying the surface (to ensure the new paint adheres).

Quality primer and a minimum of three coats of paint

An etch is applied to the aluminium to provide the best possible adhesion for the primer.

Once that’s done, Systemex applies a special corrosion-inhibiting epoxy resin primer.

Now it’s time to paint. Systemex has an extensive range of colours to choose from. You can refresh your windows using the same colour as before or use a totally different colour scheme for a fresh new look (to match recent renovations, for example).

Whatever the case, Systemex will spray three or four coats onto the joinery. A further two coats will be applied if you’ve chosen to go with a metallic finish.

With the job done, the team will remove all the masking and waste materials and leave your property as they found it.

Having your windows and doors professionally repainted with Systemex gives you the confidence of knowing you’ll get an outstanding result that will last for years.

Contact the Systemex team to find out more or to get a quote for your home.