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Aluminium joinery needs to be repaintedrepainted aluminium joinery

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Time to give your windows and doors a stunning new lease of life? See some inspiring examples of how Systemex has transformed homes across New Zealand.

How repainting aluminium windows and doors will enhance your home

Why go the expense of replacing your aluminium windows and doors, when recolouring your joinery gives your home a fresh, modern look. It’s faster and less disruptive to your life. And recolouring achieves the same result as a complete replace at a much lower price.

Advantages of painting aluminium window frames

First impressions matter. If your home, rental property or commercial building looks unappealing because the old aluminium window joinery is faded or dated, buyers and tenants are unlikely to ever step inside to look at your designer kitchen or bathroom!

Aluminium window for ⅓ the price of replacing

Want the contemporary look of new aluminium joinery but can’t afford the price tag? Systemex can repaint all the aluminium window joinery in an average sized New Zealand three bedroom house. That is up to less than a third of the cost of buying and installing new joinery.

Systemex is the proven solution

Systemex is a reputable New Zealand company established in 1994. With a focus on innovation, the technology has been developed each year to become a proven solution that has stood the test of time.

Quality assured

Systemex stands by its workmanship and is recognised as a leader in aluminium window and door joinery recolouring in New Zealand. We only use products and processes we know will stand the test of time in the most demanding conditions. We use sophisticated technology and specialised processes to ensure our recolouring is second to none. By paying careful attention to our preparation, materials, technique, equipment and the painting conditions, we produce a great finish every time.

Repaint or replace? What’s involved?

By repainting your aluminium windows and doors, you will end up with the same colour as if you replaced them.

The aluminium window and door frames are part of the structure of your home. Once you start to pull these out to be replaced, your cost will escalate very quickly due to the potential interior and exterior works that may be required. It is time consuming and very disruptive.
Systemex can repaint your aluminium windows, doors and frames without any of those hassles and with minimum disruption. All can be done on site, whilst you are still living in your home.
Repaint Replace
Will it affect the structure of the
Never Most of the time

Question iconReplacing opening windows and doors are not that difficult, what people do not often consider is the frames. The frames are part of the structure of your home. Once you start to pull the frames out to be replaced, there may be additional work to the interior and exterior of the house.
How disruptive is the process? Very low

Question iconAll of the work can be done on site, whilst you are still living in the house. And because we are not changing the structure of the house at all and only repainting the aluminium panels, the noise level will be kept at minimum.
Very high

Question iconTo replace requires removing the frames from the structure of your house. Often this means that to remove and then install new frame cannot be done in one day. This will then require film to be block the hole created by removing the window whilst additional preparation takes place. Generally your whole house will require scaffolding so as new joinery can be fitted.
How long does it take? One week

Question iconA two man team can usually do 3 – 4 windows a day. When available for larger homes we try to put 4 -5 staff on the job to reduce time.
Two weeks

Question iconReplacement can be lengthy process. To put an exact timeframe on this is very difficult as once they remove the frames from the structure of your house will determine weather tightness, work, architraves, gibbing brickwork, painting etc.
How much does it cost? Approx. $20,000

Question iconUsing Systemex process will not only save you $1,000’s of dollars, but add new street appeal and value to your home.

For an average 4-bedroom house.

Approx. $60,000

Question iconTo remove the window frames from the structure of the house you are going to incur additional costs over and above just the glass. For example full house scaffolding, architraves, skirtings, gib, weather tightness applications, interior and exterior painnting along with any other possible structure damage that may occur. Cost comparisons are usually at least double often and high as 5 times the cost to repaint.

For an average 4-bedroom house.

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