How to paint old aluminium windows

How we paint old aluminium window joinery

Systemex recolours existing aluminium joinery all over New Zealand, giving old windows and doors new colours that last. We use sophisticated technology and specialised processes to ensure our recolouring is second to none. By paying careful attention to our preparation, materials, technique, equipment and the painting conditions, we produce a fantastic finish every time.

Systemex knows little things make a big difference so we are continuously refining our aluminium joinery painting processes. We are painstaking in our attention to detail.

STAGE 1. Preparation of Aluminium windows for repainting

The amount of preparation required mainly depends on your window type and condition. For example, old powder coated painted aluminium windows with chalky paint take a lot more preparation than a newer powder coated surface. Anodized aluminium windows require a lot of preparation regardless of condition because of the need for more mechanical abrasion to key the surface.

Cleaning the joinery

The aluminium window frames are thoroughly cleaned and wiped down to ensure paint adhesion.

Surface Protection

Adjacent finished surfaces are thoroughly protected so there is no chance of overspray. Where possible, all rubber hinges and catches are removed as well as window sashes and doors. The surrounds and glass are masked ready for the paint to be applied.

Sanding of the joinery

Before the windows can be painted they are hand sanded with various sandpapers to ensure good adhesion of the paint. They are then blown with compressed air and thoroughly cleaned again with a special cleaning agent to remove any surface contamination.

STAGE 2. Finishing of the Aluminium windows


An etch is applied to all bare aluminium to improve adhesion of the primer.

Surfacer / Primer

A corrosion-inhibiting epoxy primer with excellent bonding characteristics is applied to your aluminium joinery, before we apply the colour.

Top Coat

Three to four coats of your chosen paint colour are sprayed onto the joinery. For a metallic finish a further two coats of clear coat are applied.

STAGE 3. Clean Up

We leave your property as we found it. All of the masking and waste materials are removed from the site at the completion of the job.

The right paint for repainting aluminium joinery

The paint we use is imported from Europe; this paint has been used in the aviation industry for over 80 years. It is a heavy industrial paint and is one of the best and most expensive paint products on the market that has well and truly stood the test of time. This paint doesn’t require any maintenance whatsoever. Other paints used by various other companies are household, automotive, and marine paints, these paints just won’t work on aluminium joinery long term. Household paint will crack then flake off, automotive paint will oxidize, and flake off without regular maintenance and no one washes and polishes aluminium joinery, marine paint has to be replaced every 3 to 5 years.

Systemex has been a specialist in repainting aluminium windows and joinery since 1994. We have developed a meticulous process over many years. Our dedication to correct preparation and use of only the highest quality paint and primer allows us to offer a 5 year warranty that includes anodised aluminium.