Repaint aluminium joinery on a house

The cost to paint aluminium windows
and why it’s a lot less than replacing them

Painting faded aluminium windows and doors to give them a fresh new look is much more affordable than replacing them. Often if you are staying with the same colour, you only need to do exterior

In fact, having your joinery professionally repainted by Systemex is about a third of the price of replacement, and the result is identical.

Let’s take an average three-bedroom home as an example:

Cost to repaint aluminium windows and doors: Around $20,000.
Cost to replace aluminium joinery: $60,000 or more.

How much does it cost to paint aluminium windows?

It costs around $20,000 to paint the aluminium joinery of an average 3-bedroom home, both interior and exterior.

Why is repainting window frames more cost-effective?

Replacing window frames is more involved and time-consuming than repainting them. Replacing frames impacts your home’s structure, requiring additional work like replacing architraves and skirtings, gibbing surrounding walls, and ensuring new windows are weathertight. Plus, you might need to paint interior and exterior surfaces where damage occurs and set up scaffolding, adding to the expense.

Repainting joinery is faster and less disruptive

The repainting process with Systemex takes about a 10 days and is done on-site, allowing you to stay at home. Replacing windows can take two weeks or more, leaving you without windows and possibly needing alternative accommodation, increasing costs.

A proven window painting process for a quality result

Systemex is New Zealand owned and operated, has been painting aluminium windows and doors since 1994. Their procedure includes meticulous surface preparation and specially formulated paints, ensuring a high-quality, protective finish that lasts for years.

Why replace when your aluminium joinery can be repainted?

Repainting your aluminium windows and doors provides a fresh, new look at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Choose any colour you like and save money. Contact Systemex for a quote today.

Green aluminium joinery before being paintedAfter painting the aluminium joinery is clean and modern in offwhite.