Are you planning to sell your home or considering a renovation to enhance its market value? One of the first things potential buyers notice is the appearance of your property. Outdated or faded aluminium joinery, often in blues, greens, or other eye-catching colours, can significantly detract from your home’s curb appeal. These hues, while once popular, can now be an eyesore to prospective buyers, leading them to walk away based on first impressions alone.

At Systemex, we understand the importance of that first impression. Since 1994, we’ve been transforming homes by repainting aluminium joinery, offering an effective solution to update the look of your windows and doors without the need for costly replacements. Our process is not just about changing colours; it’s about reviving your home’s aesthetic appeal, making it more attractive to potential buyers and increasing its market value.

“Philip and his team have just completed an excellent job re colouring our 30 year aluminium joinery on a coastal property from a deep olive green to a modern off white colour. Everything went to plan within the estimated time frame. We have no hesitation in recommending Philip and his team.”

Mervyn & Margaret Tait

Don’t let faded or outdated colours be the reason your property stays on the market. Renovating with Systemex means choosing a cost-effective, high-quality solution that rejuvenates your home’s look, making it stand out in the competitive real estate market. Whether you’re selling your home or simply upgrading it, our specialised techniques in aluminium joinery repainting can play a crucial role in enhancing your property’s appearance and value.

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Green aluminium joinery before being paintedAfter painting the aluminium joinery is clean and modern in offwhite.