Best paint for aluminium

The best paint for aluminium windows and joinery is one that has stood the test of time. Systemex uses heavy industrial paints and epoxy resins. They have been used in the aviation and automotive industries now for over 100 years.

Painting aluminium joinery is a specialised field. Using the best paint is only one part of the process. You also need to apply a very good epoxy resin as an undercoat to create the bonding for the aluminium and the paints to adhere to.

The success of our process comes down to not taking any shortcuts or compromising on materials. Systemex process has been trademarked method we have spent more than 25 years refining and perfecting.  We are meticulous in preparing the surface and protecting the surrounding areas. Any opening windows we take out of the frames so as we can get into every part of the window. Cleaning, sanding, then etching the joinery before applying specially formulated primer and three to four coats of paint designed for aluminium aircraft fuselages. This is why Systemex Aluminium Recolouring are trusted as the industry leaders and experts to not only paint  faded powder coated aluminium, but also re-paint anodised aluminium windows and joinery.