Aluminium windows professionally painted.



You can recolour Aluminium windows and doors if it faded, or you want to change the colour. It will also save you a lot of money and time compared to replacement.

To recolour aluminium joinery such as windows, window frames or doors is a specialised field.

Systemex™ Aluminium Recolouring has being doing since 1994.  Many people have tried and failed painting aluminium because of not understanding the process. Systemex™ have trademarked this. These are the steps required to paint aluminium joinery properly. 

How to paint Aluminium Joinery.

  1. Aluminium must be prepped properly, if it is not etched, nothing will stick to it. If you don’t use the right sanding materials, you won’t etch it correctly.
  2. Clean the aluminium surface, if you don’t use the right chemicals to clean it properly, it will cause issues.
  3. Epoxy resin, must be mixed with hardener at the right ratio and the right amount applied to the aluminium. This is the same way that it is applied to aircraft to cause a bonding agent to the aluminium and the paints.
  4. Paint is applied. Done in a wet on wet process. This causes a chemical reaction allowing them all to bond together and harden together. The paint applied is not just paint. It is a mix of matting agents, fast hardeners, retardant and thinners. All of this must be applied in the right mix and volume or again this will cause issues.

Finally, you should always remove sash windows from the frames so as you can get into every nook and cranny and the same with doors whenever it is possible and safe to do. For more information,